brix:papilio - online publishing suite

Offer your customers an affordable, professional service

Let you customers create standardized publications themselves, circumventing the time-consuming back and forth. Create the templates directly in brix:papilio. Thanks to definable dependencies between input fields, mistakes are practically impossible to make.
You achieve optimal customer loyalty and benefit from the attractive pricing of the multi-tenant system.
Available as in-house installation or with hosting by brix cross media.

Key Features

Autonomous production of print-ready high-end PDF documents by your customer
Web-based template creation and definition of the fixed, selectable, pre-definable and freely editable elements (texts and images) and dependencies
Ensuring the integrity of publications through definable value dependencies between the input fields
Multi-tenant system: Each customer gets his own, completely separate area
Detailed statistics and billing options - set a custom price for each template
Available as SaaS or as an in-house installation
„AdSizer“ for automated scaling of special format publications, within definable size limits
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Text-before-Layout, allows the automatic placement of text over several pages („flow layout“)
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Mail merge feature for individualized communication (salutation, address block)
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API to easily integrate brix:papilio into other systems (RESTful, OAuth 2, JSON/XML)
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