brix:papilio - online publishing suite


Extend the functionality of brix:papilio through the use of modules and adapt the system to your needs.
From intelligent layouting to integration in third party system, everything is possible. We're also happy to implement custom modules for clients.

the following provides an overview over the available modules:


Our RESTful API enables you to easily integrate brix:papilio into other systems. It uses OAuth2 to offer both automatic and interactive user logins and can output either JSON or XML.
Have a look at the full API documentation to learn more.

celum DAM integration

With the celum DAM integration you can manage images and metadata within CELUM and use them directly in brix:papilio. Keywords are used for selecting the assets, allowing for multiple search criteria (similar to celums multi-filter). In addition to images themselves you can also use their metadata as text within the template.

Furthermore you can synchronize users from certain celum user groups that will automatically get an account in brix:papilio and can login with the same credentials (in this case the password validation is done on the celum server)

Note: Using this functionality requires a celum open.api connector license on the DAM server


The AdSizer enables you to scale a template intelligently so that it fits in a predefined type area. Every element in a template has separate rules as to how the scaling should affect the element, e.g. a logo should retain its original dimension/position as opposed to scaling linearly.

This mechanism also allows you to produce the same template in multiple paper formats, thereby drastically resucing the amount of templates needed.


This module enables text to flow over multiple blocks, e.g. for rendering text in multiple columns using only one input field.
Additinally the FlowStrategy allows the intelligent appending of further pages it the text does not fit on the current page. This mode will append pages until the entire text could be fitted. The FlowStrategy also handels dual page layouts, so that pagges two (left side) and three (right side) can be repeated together.

Mail Merge

Create personalized letters with ease using the mail merge functionality. Address blocks and paceholders in flowing texts are replaced dynamically with the content of a previously uploaded Excel table. You then receive a single document containing all the personalized letters.
The system can store central, multilingual template definition with optional default texts, which are then also used for creating the example files downloadable by the users.

Rich Text Editor

Edit styled texts with ease. The rich text editor provides selectable text styles, paragraph formats and a spell checker (using the selected language of the publication). The available styles may be defined per element in the template definition. Also supports hyperlinks, inline images and mail merge placeholders.


For documents that are not printed but published on the web directly you can define hyperlinks explicitly (using the rich text editor) or implicitly (from a single line input). Suppotts http as well as mail links.

Statistics Analysis

How many orders for a poster with the headline "Lorem Ipsum" have been placed in the last two months and in which languages? What are the most popular motifs? Such and other questions are answered by the statistics analysis module. Arbitrary dimensions can be combinen with filters to produce a foldable table with summaries per dimension (pivot). And you can print or download the generated data as an excel file for further processing (sheets with processed and raw data).

Group Administrator

This module allows you to seupt completely independent areas withing you W2P-system. The are of influence of a group administrator may be restricted to an arbitrary number of user groups, so that such an administrator may only edit users within the groups assigned to him.


Divisions enable the distribution of costs to the appropriate cost center. Every user may be assigned (similar to the user groups) to a division, through which the incurring costs can be billed. An interface to the customers ERP system is possible through a customizing.

Anonymous Users

In certain scenarios it is nor desirable to require users to have an account just to place an order. In such cases the system can be setup to allow anonymous users to interact with just the editing form. Further processing of the completed order in a third party system may be setup through a customizing.


Protect sensitive information during transmission through SSL (https). This module enforces the use of an encrypted channel for all communication with the server, any unprotected access will be redirected immediately. If hosting is dome by brix cross media we'll take care of the necessary certificates.