brix:papilio - online publishing suite

An intuitive, cost-effective W2P-system for your portfolio

Provide your customers with an advanced, easy to use W2P system!
As a business partner you can deploy brix:papilio yourself and profit from an attractive partner model. You also get priority access to the development and ticketing system.
Integration with 3rd-party systems or adapting brix:papilio to specific customer requirements is easy, thanks to its modular design.

Key Features

Intuitive, web-based creation of standardized communication tools
Ensuring the integrity of publications through definable value dependencies between the input fields
Standardized workflow, approval process through the central office if required as well as ordering special formats
Autonomous production of office and print-ready high-end PDF documents
100% Unicode - can be used all over the world (asian, arabic characters etc.)
Multi-tenant system: Each customer gets his own, completely separate area
Autonomous Template creation and definition of the fixed, selectable, pre-definable and freely editable elements (texts and images) and dependencies
API to easily integrate brix:papilio into other systems (RESTful, OAuth 2, JSON/XML)
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The modular architecture allows you to adapt brix:papilio to virtually any customer request
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Our agile development enables us to react quickly and unbureaucratically to your customers needs


Become a business partner!
Sell brix:papilio and profit from our attractive partner model
Easy to install; based on well-known web-technologies, such as jQuery, PHP and SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
Customizable; all display texts, mail templates, modules and the styling can be customized individually per tenant

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